If you look around, you will find yourself surrounded by audio-visual technology, from entertainment to workspace. Wondering what exactly it is? Simply put, "audiovisual (AV) is electronic media possessing both a sound and a visual component." The system is primarily about collaborating on image and sound. 

Now as we come towards the end of 2022, it’s the right time to predict what’s in store for 2023 and what AV technology trends the year will follow. Therefore, we have curated 6 major audio video technology trends that are on the path to dominating the industry in their niche.

6 Valuable AV Technology Trends In 2023

The most 6 valuable AV trends in 2023 that we anticipate are listed below.

1. Creative Space Utilization

Creative space utilization is our first area of focus. Creating huddle rooms within corporate settings is a new trend that has surfaced this year. The anticipation is that these informal rooms are here to stay, and distant learning is one of the biggest reasons why. 

Particularly in hospitality and healthcare, wellness rooms will be prioritized, and AV will have to take the lead to let everything come together in sync. In short, AV proposal software will gain momentum in the months and years ahead in such areas. 

2. Artificial Intelligence in Voice

In 2023, artificial intelligence voice technology is something to keep an eye on, which is not at all an exception in audio video technology trends. It helps in seamlessly and uniquely serving the purpose, be it any industry. This technology has been in the trends and will be for years and years to come. 

3. Tech Without Physical Contact

Since the world has experienced the recent pandemic, COVID-19, the demand for contactless tech has gone up. Contactless technology is becoming more popular, whether it is to assist stop the spread of pathogens or just to make some processes run more smoothly. You can completely expect this trend emerging in multiple sectors from healthcare to corporate to more. AV technology serves the purpose right. 

4. Audio Visual As A Service (AVaaS)

For businesses wishing to incorporate AV solutions but not wanting to indulge in significant upfront investment, audio-visual as a service is a better escape. An ideal deal for many organizations, it’s a safe alternative to traditional investment as it only requires monthly payments. You can expect AVaaS to grow and become more popular in the years ahead.

5. Sound Masking

To lessen distraction, sound masking lowers speech to the same background level while leaving other noises unaffected. Though sound masking technology has been in existence for a long time, its popularity has doubled as industries realize its potential. 

Sound masking allows for the preservation of privacy in offices, allowing employees to continue working uninterrupted or without the fear of being heard. Especially in settings like healthcare, a better conversation can happen about sensitive medical details. 

6. All-in-One Video Bars

All-in-one video bars are in high demand as businesses and organizations look to simplify their virtual meetings and technological requirements. In virtual collaborative settings, such as those in which businesses operate today, these all-in-one video bars can boost productivity and ease by bringing people together in a virtual space.   

Final Words

What do you think about these 6 emerging 2023 AV technology trends? Being a company in this industry for years now, we could totally swear on these trends. 

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